The final countdown…

July 8, 2010 - Leave a Response

Last year, I was privileged enough –  no, blessed! –  to watch the Yankees play here on the west coast. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it did. This summer, less than a month from now and counting, I will be traveling to the east coast and visiting the new Yankees’ stadium. Sadly, however, I never got to see a game at the old Yankees’ stadium, “the house that Babe built,” but I’m certainly not going to complain.

Legend on the mound

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One of the greatest experiences in my life was going to a Mariners versus Yankees‘ game in Seattle. Not only did I get to see my team play, but I also got to see pitching legend Mariano Rivera do work on the mound. Fans know that when the Yankees are ahead, the legend emerges. The amazing day started off early before the game. Standing on the third base line, the Yankees came out to warm-up. I was in awe just being so close to them. Then Rivera, #42, walked in front of me, and I almost passed out. I stood about five feet from one of my favorite major league baseball players. Toward the end of the game with the Yankees ahead, “in the bullpen” flashed on the jumbotron with Rivera’s picture. It was unreal. My heart pounded, and I began to perspire profusely. Then, out on the field he ran, and the crowd went wild. Yankee fans cheered wildly as he took his place on the mound. It appeared to glow with his presence. What a sight it was to see him pitch. Nothing will ever compare, except for the fact that Derek Jeter waved to me before the game. But that’s beside the point. With no surprise, Rivera finished the Mariners off.

#42 Mariano Rivera

My excitement escalated

Legend on the mound

The art of hitting

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Being a #1 baseball fan is a BIG responsibility. With this said, I feel that I should be able to understand the game, even the art of hitting. It’s one thing to watch someone hit the ball, it’s another thing to actually hit one yourself. I asked the centerfielder for the Linfield Wildcats, Tyson Smith, to take me out to the cages to work on my swing. Moral of the story is that offense is not as easy as it looks. I used a metal bat, as opposed to wood, and it seemed as big as me and weighed almost as much as me. Nonetheless, I took a hold and swung away! After a few minutes of awkwardness batting right-handed, I decided to zone into my lefty roots. Strangely enough, it felt much better. Even though it was fun, my hands are sore, and I can feel calluses starting to form. I think from now on, I’ll just admire a good swing from the stands and not in the cage.

Me taking a cut

Centerfielder Tyson Smith

Oh baseball how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

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1)    New York Yankees

2)    Sun flower seeds

3)    Tight pants

4)    Pin stripes

5)    Farmers tan

6)    Home runs

7)    Mariners Moose

8)  Derek Jeter

9) Felix Hernandez

10) When the Red Sox lose

11) Garlic fries at Safeco Field

12) Franklin Gutierrez

(In no particular order)

God truly blessed me…when he created baseball

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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the game of baseball. Without it, who knows what my life would have ended up to be like. For all I know, I could be a WWE fan right now, and that thought is just terrible. Instead, with my window open, I can hear the ping of the metal bat striking the ball. It is truly music to my ears and sounds like Mozart. The sound lulls me to sleep with sweet dreams of the Yankees winning the World Series all over again. You really did something wonderful, though, I could have done without the Boston Red Sox.




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Some of the best feelings in life come from your favorite team winning. I understand that it’s not all about the win, but let’s be real; it is all about the win. It makes you feel good. Last weekend, the Linfield Wildcats swept Pacific Lutheran University, making the Cats the conference champs. My first reaction was to punch my boyfriend’s mother in the leg, followed by tears. It was a beautiful and well-deserved day. The team, judging by the dog pile the boys made behind the mound, shared my excitement over the win. Now the Northwest Conference champion Wildcats have to wait until May 19 for their shot at the World Series title when playoffs begin in the West Regional games hosted here at Linfield!

What in the world of baseball?

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Rain and cloudy skies make my mind wander to sunny beaches or, even better, wishing I was sitting in Florida watching a Marlins’ game. Living in Oregon, my mind tends to wander more often than not. Whenever my mind drifts off, baseball seems to pull me back to reality. I kid you not. Either I’ll remember a game is on, or I need to check the final score of a game. Well, it just so happens I found baseball pulling me out in the strangest way possible a few days ago. As mentioned before, from my living room, I can look out and see the Linfield baseball field. So, I grabbed a graham cracker and sat on my couch watching the team practice, while thinking of the masses of homework that sat waiting for me on my desk. My mind drifted off, but as I sat watching, I realized something was just not right. Coming out of my zone, I realized what wasn’t right was the position the players were in. They were circled up around the diamond and doing what appeared to be stretches. I really hadn’t seen anything like it and hope I never will again. I’m not sure who gave the boys these “stretching” ideas. But with the current standings showing them in second place, I’m not going to be the one to second-guess their practice tactics.

Everybody looks good in pinstripes

April 23, 2010 - 2 Responses

Baseball (bās’bôl’) noun: greatest sport known to man. There just isn’t anything that compares. The smell of beer, the crack of sunflower seeds, and the bond you share with complete strangers. I know that when I see someone in a Yankees’ jersey, we are somehow connected in spirit. If you don’t think Take Me Out to the Ball Game is the greatest American classic, perhaps you should stick to the mall and stay away from the field. This amazing game with 18 men, a bat, and a ball has me mesmerized. There is nothing quite like a guy in tight pants running around a diamond. Some could argue that football players wear tight pants and run around too, but my question is: Does a football player look good in pin stripes? My love for the game started early in life. If the Yankees were playing, I was watching. I consider myself Derek Jeter’s number one fan. I just know how to pick ‘em. Baseball was even the deciding factor in choosing my apartment. From my living room, I can watch the Linfield Wildcat’s baseball field. The sound of batting practice soothes me to sleep.  You can say that baseball is my life 24/7.